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Post published at March 21, 2022

5 Ways to Celebrate an Unforgettable Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! With just a few more days to go, we’re excited to share our top five ways to celebrate an unforgettable Sunday. There’s something for everyone—let’s dig right in:

Serve mum breakfast in bed

What’s more indulgent than breakfast in bed? Let mum sleep in and treat her to a special cooked breakfast with coffee, fresh orange juice, or even a homemade Buck’s Fizz by mixing 100ml of orange juice with 200ml chilled champagne.

Top breakfast/brunch ideas

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Plan a picnic

Fun, favourite foods and favourite people. The best way to treat mum this Mother’s Day is some quality family time. Why not set up a blanket in a nearby park, or lay a table in the garden to serve up some of these delights:

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Throw mum a cream tea  party

You can set up a Mother’s Day tea party pretty much anywhere, and even transform it into a garden party amongst the blooming trees and flowers, if the weather allows. Scatter her favourite chocolates across the table, and add special treats such as Goupie’s White Lavender Chocolate pieces and Cotswold’s Vegan Vanilla Fudge (both available at our Viva! Gifts for Life shop!).

Other sweet treat ideas include:

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Treat mum to a special dinner

Take mum out to restaurant, or cook up a scrumptious meal at home! She’ll be delighted to be able to put her feet up and enjoy being fussed over. Looking for some inspiration? We have a dedicated Mother’s Day section at our recipes section, with over 150 dishes to choose from. Here’s our personal favourites:


Vegan Bao Buns


Vegan Leek & Chestnut Filo Swirl


Vegan Strawberry Galette

Remember Britain’s hardest working mothers

No matter how you decide to treat mum this Mother’s Day, please also remember Britain’s hardest working mothers: Dairy Cows.

Ditch dairy this Mother’s Day and help us spread awareness about the plight of dairy cows. Learn more about why Dairy is Scary, and support our ongoing campaigns that continue to expose the horrors of the dairy industry.

Maybe make a day of it, and take mum out to a nearby farm animal sanctuary, such as Dean Farm Trust. Here you can meet resident calves like Benji Bubbles, who was saved from the veal industry along with 9 of his friends.

Benji Calf from Dean Farm Trust

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