31/03/2022  |   Pia Werzinger

Luscious Luncheon Sandwich Ideas

From a simple ‘Cheese & Ham’, coronation ‘Chicken’ or ‘Tuna’ salad, to the ultimate BLT, we’ve compiled a list of the most delicious, exciting, and satisfaction-guaranteed sandwiches for you in...

02/03/2022  |   Pia Werzinger

What I Eat in a Week

Ever wondered what a week of vegan food looks like for us at Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club? Our social media coordinator, Pia, is lifting the lid on her foodie-habits and...

24/03/2011  |   VRC Team

Tofu 101

Tofu: What to buy & How to cook it Tofu cookery demos are probably the most popuar we ever do at events! Lots of people have a ‘bad experience’ with…

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