Veganuary Recipes 2024

Happy 2024! If you’re taking part in Veganuary this year and are looking to explore some delicious recipes, then look no further! Whether you are looking for quick and easy meals, vegan versions of classic dishes, new flavours or healthier options, Vegan Recipe Club has got you covered.

We also have lots of useful content to make going vegan a little easier such as How to go Vegan on a Budget, and our Guide to Vegan Takeaway in the UK — and more below!


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Useful Content for New Vegans

On a budget: Can veganism be cheap?

Veganism on a Budget

Word on the street and across the internet is that vegan diets can in fact work out cheaper. Good news for those on a budget, as research from the University of Oxford has now confirmed just that.

Vegan Take Away

A Guide to Vegan Takeaway in the UK

Looking for a vegan takeaway, but not sure about the options out there? We’ve consolidated our top vegan-friendly UK takeaway places for you.


Feasting Fishless – Alternatives for Fish and Seafood

2022 has been deemed the year of fish alternatives by many plant-based industry-leaders. Here’s our top fish & seafood alternatives for you!

Dairy Alternatives Blog Banner

Dairy Alternatives: 15 Products to Help You Ditch Dairy

From plant milk to oat cream, and beyond: we have the top 15 dairy alternatives, and how to best use them, compiled for you!

Accidentally Vegan Foods and Where To Find Them

Accidentally Vegan Foods

Switching to a plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on your favourite foods. Here’s our ultimate guide with top tips on which products are accidentally vegan, and how to find them!

Aquafaba Magic

Aquafaba magic

Those of you keeping an eye on all things vegan may have come across aquafaba already, but …What is Aquafaba, and why all the excitement?


Wholegrains and how to cook them

Wholegrains are delicious, nutritious and an important source of protein! Here our pointers on how to cook them, and what to use them for!

Tofu 101

Tofu: What to buy & How to cook it Tofu cookery demos are probably the most popuar we ever do at events! Lots of people have a ‘bad experience’ with…

The Big List of Vegan Food Companies

For your vegan food essentials and curiosities, here are our favourite vegan businesses. It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s a good start!

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