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Guide to UK Vegan Breakfast Cereals

23/05/2022  |   Pia Werzinger

Ever wondered what might make a cereal not vegan? Read on to find out, and check out our list of vegan cereals available in UK supermarkets!

Creating the Ultimate Vegan Platinum Jubilee Bash

23/05/2022  |   Pia Werzinger

Garden party? Picnic? Street party? Or a quiet gathering in the comfort of your living room? However you decide to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee this June, we have some...

Plant-based Private Dining Experiences

16/05/2022  |   Pia Werzinger

There's a new food trend emerging: private dining experiences. Read on to find out what it is, and our exclusive dinner experience with Bristol locals, The Cooking Flea.

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