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Post published at March 31, 2022

Luscious Luncheon Sandwich Ideas

Vegan Lunch Sandwiches Blog

In the park, on the bus, on our way to a meeting, or nicely presented on a plate alongside some fresh salad when working from home: sandwiches have been a lunch time saviour for generations. They’re versatile too; in terms of ‘bread’ and filling, pretty much anything goes!

From a simple ‘Cheese & Ham’, coronation ‘Chicken’ or ‘Tuna’ salad, to the ultimate BLT, we’ve compiled a list of the most delicious, exciting, and satisfaction-guaranteed sandwiches for you in this blog post.

The classics

Quick and effortless to make, these sandwiches are assembled in no time, ideal when you have none to spare:

Vegan Lunch Sandwiches

Sausage Sarnies

These sandwiches celebrate the meat-free delight of quickly-fried vegan sausage and/or bacon comfort food:

Vegan Lunch Sandwiches

Creative Salad-Style Fillers

Plant-based food options can be just as packed with exciting and exotic flavours as their non-vegan counterparts; as our creative sandwich filler ideas prove:

Vegan Lunch Sandwiches

Make-Your-Own Ideas

There’s plenty of opportunity to get adventurous when it comes to making your own sandwich fillers and toppings. Here are our no-faff favourites for that perfect sandwich:

Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Have we piqued your appetite?

You can find these and over 250 more lunch ideas in the recipe section of our Vegan Recipe Club webpage! We also a have a handy app which you can download for free by searching for Vegan Recipe Club in your phone’s app store?

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