Mushroom Paté

Mushroom Paté

Make this as budget or as gourmet as your purse allows! Value mushrooms will do fine – but if you can stretch to chestnut or wild mushrooms, even better. Spread it on rolls as a sandwich filling or on crackers, crostini and such as a starter or part of a buffet.

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Preparation time

Cook time

Total time

15 minutes




  • soups-starters
  • sides-light-meals-and-salads




  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 200g/6oz mushrooms, finely sliced
  • 1-2 tbsp good quality soya sauce, eg shoyu or tamari
  • 1-2 level tsp miso, according to taste OR yeast extract (such as Marmite) to taste
  • 2 level tsp wholemeal flour (use GF flour if appropriate) OR 1 cup cooked whole lentils, any colour


  • Fresh or dried tarragon to taste


1. Sauté mushrooms in oil for a couple of minutes. Add the soya sauce then the flour and cook for 3 minutes or so, stirring regularly, mixing and mashing with the back of a fork. If using the lentil option, cook them in now instead of the flour.

2. Let it cool then add the miso/yeast extract, mixing and mashing some more. Blend for a second or two if you prefer a smoother paté – and probably best to do so if using lentils.

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