5:2 Fast Day Porridge



1 spoon difficulty rating

2-5 minutes

2-5 minutes (if you soak the oats overnight)


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 5:2 Fast Day Porridge

Calories: 210 – fewer if you omit the soya milk and/or the agave
Men's Extra: 4 tbsp plain vegan yoghurt (30 cals)

Using jumbo oats fills you up better and keeps you going longer. Like all wholefoods, this type of oats is low GI or slow release, so they keep your blood sugar more steady! 

Picture courtesy of almondbutterfever.wordpress.com


  • 40g jumbo oats (147)
  • 50g blackcurrants (22)
  • Pinch cinnamon (0)
  • 50ml unsweetened soya milk (21)
  • 1 tsp agave syrup (20)


1. Cook the oats with a little water, adding a bit more if it starts to stick - 2 minutes microwaved, a little longer on the stove.  

2. Serve with the berries, cinnamon, soya milk and agave.

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