Vegan Cheese & Pickle Sandwiches

gluten free
wheat free
kid friendly
quick meals, fast feeds
cheap as chickpeas
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2 minutes


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Vegan Cheese & Pickle Sandwiches

Again, a simple dish that's as much to do with promoting the range of mainstream vegan cheeses available as it is an actual 'recipe'! Mozzarisella, Sainsbury's, Sheese, Tesco, VBites, Vegusto are just a few brands out there but keep looking - new ranges come out all the time. Tofutti, Sheese and Tesco cream cheeses are also a useful standby. 


Vegan cheese (sometimes known as 'Gary' - long story!) gets better all the time. While vegan artisan cheeses are still pretty niche, they are on the cusp of moving into the mainstream. Home-made nut cheeses are pretty easy to make too and very tasty - check out this quick garlic cashew cheese recipe! - but if that's too much of an effort, there are plenty on offer in the supermarkets and health food shops. 



  • Bread - regular - wholemeal, granary, white, rolls... - or speciality, eg pumpernickel
  • Vegan cheese, see above - block or cream varieties
  • Sandwich condiments, eg pickles, chutney, mustard
  • Sandwich salad veg, eg lettuce, tomato, dill pickles


  1. Line the bread with pickle or chutney - or wholegrain mustard - and any vegetable fillings you like eg sliced tomatoes, lettuce...
  2. Slice thinly or grate the vegan cheese of your choice and lay it on. If using cream cheese, spread it on.
  3. Put the sandwich together. Slice in half and eat. 

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