Supermarket Cottage Pie

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Multiply the tins if you wish to make more servings

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Supermarket Cottage Pie

Again, not a recipe but a merging of a handful of ready-made products that you may not have known about - another one for those evenings when there's no time. These tinned foods are relatively healthy, make a useful cupboard stand-by and can easily be supplemented with lots of healthy fresh veg (ready-prepped or frozen). Remember - most convenience foods may need a little customising, so be prepared to add a few simple additions - we offer suggestions below.  


You will find products like the casserole or cassoulet listed in Holland & Barrett, Ocado and independent shops - high street or online. 



1 tin per person of a vegetable casserole/cassoulet type dish, eg Granovita or Free & Easy, as pictured
1 tin potatoes or other instant potato that doesn't contain added butter, milk etc (all the ready-made mash and similar products aren't suitable for vegans)
Vegan butter (eg Pure, Biona, vitalite, Suma margarine) or olive oil + salt and black pepper to make the mash
Any extra flavourings you might need, eg yeast extract, soya sauce, miso, herbs, spices, black pepper etc
Ready-prepped or frozen mixed vegetables to serve


  1. Heat the tinned potatoes until hot. Mash and add a dollop of vegan butter or oil and seasoning. Keep warm - or at least, cover it up until you're ready to make the cottage pie.
  2. Place the contents of the tinned casserole in a small microwaveable dish. Place the mash on the top to make a cottage pie - add grated vegan cheese or a sprinkling of nutritional yeast flakes if you want a cheesy-type flavoured mash. Cook at high for at least 3 minutes. Test it and cook for another minute or two if it's not hot. 
  3. Alternatively, cook the cottage pie in a hot, pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes - about 200ºC/400ºF/Gas Mark 6. 
  4. Meanwhile, cook your vegetables. 
  5. Serve the cottage pie hot with the vegetables on the side. 

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