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Post published at February 22, 2010

Super Sexy Salads

Super Sexy Salads

Forget the old ‘rabbit food’ clichés – salads are so much more than this!

[node:title]Other salads Winter salads such as coleslaw are inexpensive and easy to make. Use vegan mayo thinned down with a little soya or rice milk and for extra variety, use combinations of grated celeriac, red cabbage, swede and carrot, finely chopped red/spring onion and sprouts – home-grown or from a good health food shop. It’s easy to make your own mayo or vinaigrette. Sprouts can be bought or made. They add flavour and a big nutritional punch, especially in the winter. See our Super Sprouting article for simple tips on home sprouting. Complex salads are amazing. See Superbowl Salad for a whole bunch of ideas and inspiration.

In the Bag? We’re realists at the VRC but it might be worth taking a fresh look at how salad leaves are sold… Super Sexy SaladsSalad bags are convenient – but  are more expensive by weight than using regular lettuces etc. And, despite what the package might claim about being pre-washed, health experts suggest it’s safer to rinse the contents thoroughly in cold water and spin off excess liquid before placing back in the fridge. Buy the freshest you can – 6-8 days before the sell-by date is the maximum, apparently.

Or not? Unpackaged lettuces, rocket and all tend to be a cheaper way of buying salad leaf for leaf than the stuff in bags. If you have a local greengrocer/veg shop or veg box delivery, just wash everything when you get it then store in the fridge for the rest of the week. A good combination might be a small lamb’s lettuce and a bunch of rocket or watercress.

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