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Post published at June 22, 2021

Vegan Recipes for Father’s Day

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Indulge your dad with his favourite homemade meals this Father’s Day. It can be difficult to buy for dads, but we think that food is always the best present – and nothing beats homemade! Select from our delicious vegan dishes to make your day together even more special:


Perhaps the ultimate treat – breakfast in bed:

Cinnamon buns

Easy Cinnamon Iced Buns: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/easy-cinnamon-iced-buns

These tasty buns are quick and easy – only taking about 40 minutes from start to finish! Buy ready-made puff pastry, warmly spice with cinnamon and add delicious toasted pecans. The best pairing in the morning with a cup of coffee.


A stack of vegan pancakes

Vegan Pancakes – Sweet or Savoury: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/vegan-pancakes-sweet-or-savoury

You know it’s going to be a good day when it starts with a stack of pancakes! This simple recipe only takes 20 minutes to make and can be adapted to either sweet or savoury toppings – whatever his favourites are! Our sweet tooth can’t resist a pancake topped with berries, yoghurt and maple syrup, but if he’s more savoury, perhaps top with garlic mushrooms, vegan cheese and/or vegan bacon.


A delicious BLT sandwich

Vegan BLT Sandwich: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/vegan-blt-sandwich

Sometimes, nothing beats a classic BLT! There’s lots of amazing vegan bacon in the supermarkets these days, such as THIS Isn’t Bacon, Richmond Vegan Bacon and Finnebrogue Naked Without the Oink! Choose your favourite and whip this butty up in 5 minutes! A delicious start to the day.



Get your dad to put his feet up in the evening (maybe with the football on!), and treat him to a lovely dinner for you to share:


A huge burger with onion rings on the side.

Vegan Mega Burger: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/vegan-mega-burger

Who says vegans can’t enjoy a dirty burger? Packed with two burgers, bacon, onion rings, hash browns, cheese, gherkins and lots of sauce – all vegan, of course! This is the ultimate weekend treat.


A vegan turkey roast made from seitan.

Easy Vegan Turkey-less Roast: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/easy-vegan-turkey-less-roast

It is Sunday after all – we had to include an option for Sunday Roast! Your dad will be so impressed with this heavenly centrepiece. It’s packed full of protein and even recreates turkey skin texture using dried yuba skin (dried bean curd skin) which should be available from Asian supermarkets or found online.


A pizza twister in a pan (small pizza chunks are spiralled to fit inside the pan).

Pizza Twister: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/pizza-twister

A tear and share pizza for the whole family. Who doesn’t like pizza? Impress your dad with this swirly pizza and get creative with the fillings: pesto, olives, roast vegetables etc. Once you’ve made the dough, it’s an absolute doddle!



An 2-layerorange drizzle cake with buttercream in the middle and on top.

Orange Drizzle Cake: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/orange-drizzle-cake

Our delicious Orange Drizzle Cake is a twist on the classic lemon drizzle with soft buttercream and a delightfully sticky orange drizzle on top! This light and fresh cake is the perfect choice for summer.


A plate of scones with cream and jam.

Vegan Scones with Jam and Cream: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/vegan-scones-jam-cream

Recreate a vegan afternoon tea at home! Set the table with freshly baked scones, lots of toppings, steamy cups of tea and have some quality time with your dad. We love layered with lots of raspberry jam and fresh cream – there are now a few vegan cream options in the supermarket, such as Oatly Crème Fraiche, Emlea Plant Double or Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream.


A tray of brownies with cheesecake marbled through.

Cheesecake Brownies: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/cheesecake-brownies

Take two of the best desserts ever, mix them together and what have you got… a decadent and outrageously delicious dish! Thank you to our guest chef, Bianca Zapatka, for providing this recipe – we love it!

To browse even more recipes, take a look at our full list of recipe ideas for Father’s Day here: https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/seasons/fathers-day

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