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Post published at September 4, 2020

Vegan Snacks and School Lunches


Back to School Vegan Lunches

Back to school begins again! Summer has flown by, as it always does, and we’re already thinking of the year ahead. It really warms our heart that there will be more vegan kids in school now than ever before! With this in mind, here is our round-up of the best vegan packed lunch ideas to take the stress out of food prep. We’ve also been careful to specify recipes/products that contain nuts as we know many schools have banned nut products due to allergies.

Sandwiches are quick and easy to make in the morning before school starts. They’re also really affordable – you just need to find a filling that your child is keen on!

Vegan Cheese Ploughman's Sandwich

blt sandwich

smashed chickpea mayo sandwich

Veggie Paté Sandwiches


Add a splash of variety with these alternative lunches:

protein wrap

pita pizza

Mediterranean Vegetable & 'Feta' Tart

Spinach & Potato Rosti with Tofu


Here are some snack ideas to keep your little one energised all day: 

Good Mood Hummus

Pack with carrot, cucumber, pepper sticks or pitta slices for a healthy snack.

Green & Herby Savoury Muffins

Fast & Healthy Cereal Bars

Con​tains nuts – can be swapped for seeds

Peanut butter biscuits

Contains nuts – can be swapped with tahini


There are also many snacks that can be bought, here are our top options:

  • Naked bars

Naked bars

One to watch out for as all contain nuts!

  • Pulsin Fruit and Nut Bars


Another to watch out for as these contain nuts!

  • Apro Soya “No Bits” Yogurt

We recommend the 2 x peach/pear and 2 x strawberry/banana pack – kids will love these flavours!

  • Hippeas


Rest assured, these organic chickpea puffs are all vegan! Have fun trying all the flavours.

  • Crispy Tofoo bites

The Tofoo.co

Protein packed and organic!

  • Innocent Smoothies

Delicious smoothies are the best way to squeeze extra fruit and veg into your kids diets!

  • Bear Yoyos

Yoyo Bear

Amazingly, these are 100% fruit!

  • Perkier Bars and Bites


All contain nuts again, but these are great healthy bars full of antioxidants and protein if nuts are allowed in your school.

  • Cashew Crush bars

Cashew Crush

These are really affordable and can be found in Aldi. Again, watch out if you’re not allowed nuts!

  • That’s It Raw Bars

Raw Bars

Another from Aldi here, really affordable and made with just apple and pear pieces.

We really hope this summary helps to keep school lunches fun and varied. Keep your eyes peeled on veganrecipeclub.org.uk for new recipes dropping each month!

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