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Post published at September 12, 2012

The Viva! Catering Guide is here!

The Viva! Catering Guide is here!

Yes, the Catering Guide has finally arrived!

All shiny and beautiful from the printers – the designer has done a cracking job so let’s hope you like it as much as we do. We are really pleased, despite its prolonged labour – in true Viva! style, we’ve had to juggle several other projects on various back and front burners!

As you’ll see from the link above, you can buy a hard copy or download free from the Viva! website. It’s also going on Amazon UK in a few days, so spread the word! It costs £6.99. Our web wizard is going to add it as a link so there will soon be a free online version too.

This guide is part of Viva!’s mission to get more inclusive, compassionate, healthy and planet-friendly food out there. So the next step is to get it to caterers – and to you, lovely supporters! We’ll be doing our work with businesses in Bristol and elsewhere, of course.

As for you, please feel free to offer it to any local cafe/restaurant/food pub that is uninspired or completely lacking in vegan dishes – or even those that are good but maybe need a few new ideas, eg desserts!

Let us know your successes – and any difficulties you may experience too!

And don’t forget, if the guide alone isn’t enough, we can offer free advice to caterers – by phone, email or even face-to-face if not too far – so do let businesses know.

So what has it got?

The Whys: Optimise your profits; Myth busting; Inclusivity is the key
The Facts: Everyone eats vegan food; But what do they eat?; Staff know-how; Vegan and Veggie Yes and no’s
The Whats: First steps; Veganise it – converting existing recipes; A nice cuppa – the dairy-free way; Soya milk know-how
The Recipes… mostly portions of 4-6 but also some catering-sized dishes. Too many to list here but they include

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Rosemary & Chilli
  • Avocado & Walnut Toast with Tomato & Coriander
  • Tropical Rice Salad with Sesame Orange Dressing
  • Mushroom & Ale Pie
  • Sumptuous Sponge Cake with Four Options
  • Chocolate & Brandy Truffle Torte


Products and stockists section
Cruise the Booze – vegan/veggie alcohol
All Washed Up – cruelty-free but cost-effective cleaning and washroom products

And more!

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