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About us

Hello, I’m Jane Easton, Viva!’s Food & Cookery Coordinator – which means I cook, eat (a lot!), write about and review all kinds of delicious vegan food.  I work with my lovely vegan partner in crime, Maryanne Hall, to help individuals move towards veganism and to help businesses to provide more inclusive menus.

My job description includes doing cookery demos; researching new products and recipes; writing features for Viva!, the Vegan Recipe Club and more – basically, I know a fair bit about vegan food and if I don’t, I’ll try and find out! Vegans tend to be made, not born.

Being mostly Scottish, I grew up on lard.  I watched my mum and grandma cooking from scratch – both were good cooks. The 60s saw an explosion of new foods – it was very exciting and my mum had to buy spaghetti in a special shop it was so exotic! I started cooking from about 12 years of age although there were a lot of packet curries and tinned food in the mix.  So I borrowed cookbooks from the library. Later on, I discovered the burgeoning wholefood/veggie movement and raided my student friends’ shelves.  I tried a fair bit of it out too, living in Glasgow as an impoverished but curious teenager and teaching myself how to make brown rice, dahl and other things that were pretty exotic back in the day.  I went fully vegetarian in the late 70s and remained so for a long time. In 2001 I went vegan and never looked back. This blog is where I’ll post my latest food news, obsessions and recipes. And I hope you’ll reply with your questions, comments and ideas!            

Hello! I’m Maryanne and I work alongside the lovely Jane as Viva!’s Food and Cookery Coordinator. I too eat a lot, experiment with new recipes a lot, bring you newsletters, social media and demos! I’ve been vegetarian since I was twelve years old, then later vegan, and since then I’ve made it my mission to create delicious plant-based dishes and treats.

My mother was a (self-confessed) terrible cook but I always knew (hoped) there was a world of food outside just waiting to be discovered! After finding inspiration from my veggie background and also from working in Andorra, Greece, France, India and Peru, my cookery career truly began after working as a chef in Morzine, France. I returned to the UK and continued work in the kitchens as a  chef in Green Rocket vegetarian restaurant in Bath. This fantastic experience then led onto me gaining a position at Demuth's Cookery School, yoga retreat chef and also the post of Manager/Chef of Bristol Health Hub. The menu here consisted of vegan, organic and living foods to help improve health. In this time I also undertook raw, fermented food and dessert courses with Anna Middleton and Kate Magic. Don't worry, I do enjoy a good amount vegan junk food too! 

I now thoroughly enjoy working for Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club. My passion for finding new and delicious vegan delights continues to evolve and I look forward to sharing some of these delicious treats with you…