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Samphire grows near the sea and is native to the UK. It is in season July-August, although imports are available at other times of the year and has been spotted in large branches of Tesco and Asda!. 
The most common variety is marsh samphire, which has bright green stalks, similar to baby asparagus. Its crisp, salty taste makes it different from asparagus however. Technically it can be served raw but is rather salty. We recommend steaming it for 2-3 minutes - avoid salting it or adding much salt to other ingredients as it is already salty.
Nutrients? Good! It is rich in Vitamin C, A, complex B vitamins, omega-3 oils, and a good source of minerals - especially iodine, calcium and iron.

How to cook. We like it steamed, topped with walnuts or roasted sunflower seeds and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette! See our simple recipe.

Cooking Methods: