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How to prepare and cook broccoli - vegetarian & vegan recipes

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Broccoli & purple sprouting


Description: Broccoli is commonly found all year round as it is so widely used, and so imported, but it is good to eat it in season. Tightly packed green florets form the heads of broccoli; other varieties grown in smaller sections, such as purple sprouting broccoli.

Season: June-November

Nutritional benefits: Broccoli is an excellent source of folate and vitamin C. It is also packed with vitamin K.

Quick cook's tip: Steaming or stir-frying as the best methods for cooking broccoli but it is also possible to boil the vegetable in a little salted water. It's also nice eaten raw as a snack, cut into small florets.

How to prepare and cook broccoli: 

  • Steaming: Bring the steaming water to the boil. Place the washed and drained broccoli florets in the steamer tier, cover and cook for about 4 minutes. Test the stalks with a sharp knife to see if it is cooked – aim for ‘al dente’ – just cooked but with a slight bite. That way you will avoid overcooking the tops, which aren’t so tasty or nutritious when they go mushy.  
  • Boiling: Cook in a pan with a little water and a well-fitting lid – this will allow you to cook the broccoli without drowning it. Test as above.  
  • Stir-frying: Cut the florets into quite small pieces so they cook quickly. Sauté with other vegetables or on their own.

How to chop broccoli
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