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Vegan Recipe Club's Top Vegan Cheeses

best top vegan cheeses

Vegan cheese (sometimes known as 'Gary'!*) gets better all the time. While vegan artisan cheeses are still pretty niche, they are on the cusp of moving into the mainstream. Home-made nut cheeses are pretty easy to make too and very tasty but if that's too much of an effort, there are plenty on offer in the supermarkets and health food shops. Please note, Violife Mediterranean Style Block (ie Halloumi) is coming to the UK soon. Watch this space for our review! We also look forward to North America's big favourite becoming more popular in the UK - watch out for Daiya! 

VRC's Top Vegan Cheeses ​​

All these cheese are lovely but you can't beat a handcrafted nut cheese! Here is our favourite homemade option, a bit more effort but well worth it!! Vegan Recipe Club White Cheddar Cashew Cheese Artisan Style.

Best on bagels – Violife Creamy cream cheese alternative. We also love Toffuti Better Than Cream Cheese, Garlic and Herb! Have a look at our amazing bagel suggestions :)

Best bit of blue – Nutcrafter Out of the Blue. Also amazing, BlurisellaViolife Blu BlockSheese Blue Style

Best in burgers – Violife Original Slices. Have a look at our bean burger recipe with a Violife slice! 

Best on jacket potato – Grated Sheese Mild Cheddar Style. We also really like Tesco Free-From Grated Mozzarella and Violife for Pizza, Mozzarella Flavour. Have a look at our jacket potato suggestions! 

Best on pizza – Mozzarisella Classic. We also really like Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds (making their way to the UK soon!), Violife OriginalViolife Mozzarella Grated (is amazing!) and Sheese Greek Style (sounds strange but it melts really well and tastes great!)... there's also a Sainsbury's version of this one. Try our Ultimate Vegan Pizza recipe!

Best bit of posh – Nutcrafter Handcrafted Out of The Blue, Blue Cheese Style (but any of their cheeses are incredible!) We also love the whole range of Mouse's Favourite handcrafted, artisan nut-based cheese. Then there is Vegusto - see no.8. It's not quite handcrafted but excellent quality and very popular with people looking for something different from the mainstream cheeses. It's available at some independent health food shops but mainly online. 

Best on a shepherd's pie – Sheese Greek Style (an unusual choice but melts so well and tastes really nice - also sold by Tesco and Sainsbury's under their own brand). We also really like Veganic Pizza Melty. Try our Shepherd's Pie recipe! 

Best in a toastie – Violife Organic Slices. We also love Sheese and Tesco Smoked Cheddar! Check out our Mega Melty Pesto Toastie!

*Gary? See here for the story...and how Sainsbury's took this and ran with it so wittily ...