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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Bit obsessed with pizza, me, so was delighted to discover that vegan cheese is melting its kind little heart into many a pizzeria, pub, cafe and restaurant around the UK! 

Zizi's is the latest chain to get on the vegan bus - they recently started offering vegan rice-milk mozzarella for their pizzas and other options. Several chains do vegan pizza though not yet with vegan cheese - yet. Independents across the UK are getting on it, so keep asking, offer your local place examples of good practice and if necessary, take in some samples of melting vegan cheese for them to try: top favourites in the business seem to be Violife block or Mozzarisella. Here in Bristol we're big fans of Pepe Nero Organic and Planet Pizza. Grounded also offer vegan pizza

Check on My Vegan Town here for what your home town has to offer ... wherever you are, chances are there's something for you. And if not, make it happen!