Join the Campaign for Vegan Quorn!

Viva! was delighted to hear that Quorn produced a vegan burger for the US market last year, working closely with Compassion Over Killing. Media coverage praised Quorn’s compassionate and ‘socially responsible’ move.
So what about the UK? Well, Quorn has said that it has no immediate plans to do the same in Britain - but that is open to consumer demand. Which is where you come in, dear supporter!
Vegan numbers are increasing massively in the UK and mainland Europe, not just in North America. So companies need to ensure they make their meat-free products suitable for everyone: not just meat-reducers and vegetarians but also vegans and the egg/dairy intolerant. This can only increase inclusivity and therefore sales.
2011 saw veganism in the spotlight more than ever. British celebrities Russell Brand, Ozzie Osbourne and Alan Cummings have recently gone vegan. All this plus two groundbreaking environmental reports from the United Nations confirms what vegans have known all along – it’s cool to be kind and it's also the healthiest and most low-carbon way to eat!
Here at Viva! we know that vegan food is acceptable to everyone because we give tons of it away at our groundbreaking Incredible Veggie Roadshows across the UK! We get enthusiastic feedback from our visitors: meat-eaters, meat-reducer and ovo-lacto vegetarians as well as vegans. Many have no idea of just how good vegan food is until they visit our shows.
So, come on Quorn! If it's good enough for the Americans, it's good enough for we Brits! Please veganise all or part of your range as quickly as possible.After all, it can only increase your sales - and credibility.
Please email Quorn and add your voice - ask them politely to make their products inclusively vegan. Feel free to use any of the text below but add your own comments if possible too.