All recipes are deliciously vegan

Gettin' my vegan sausage freak on...

More vegan sausages and burgers in the pipeline! Linda Mac's sausies and Fry's vegan sausages and burgers are both tasty and widely available, and we love Vegusto and Dee's too. Then there's IKEA - they responded to vegan encouragement in a massive Facebook campaign and subsequently launched Grönsaksbullar (that's vegan meatballs to you!) Find them in their freezer compartments (and the rosti are vegan too. Just sayin'...)

Quorn is next - they responded to years of lobbying and are finally launching a vegan range in September, hooray. We're not sure quite what the products will be but watch this space (or the supermarket shelves!) 

Hopefully supermarket own-brands will soon start to veganise their own meat-free ranges! Certainly, the demand for vegan products is massively on the rise so it makes sense for them to do so. Do keep lobbying - social media, email, phone calls all help.

Of course, it's also nice to make your own if you have the time and inclination and the VRC offers a few nice recipes including a rather fine Nutty Mushroom sausie (see picture) which can also be made GF. As for other recipes... I've been checking out the state of the vegan sausage nation on the mighty Veganoo. Not only did I come across some new brands, I also found a great new site - Thrifty Vegan - two words that make my frugal foodie heart sing. Amongst their many recipe treasures I found several dedicated to sausages of different types.

The Breakfast Sausage is calling me but there's more...

Yes, I'm excited and yes, I intend to experiment soon. Watch this space.


Picture and recipe courtesy of Chava Eichner, Flavour Photos