Weetabix with Plant Milk, Fruit and Omega Boost

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Weetabix with Plant Milk, Fruit and Omega Boost

We realise this isn't exactly a recipe - but it's good to know how many standard products are 'accidentally vegan' and it does make for an easy, substantial and pretty healthy breakfast!  It doesn't have to be served with banana of course - try a mix of any fruit that you fancy. And use any plant milk you like too: soya, hemp, almond, rice... even better if fortified. 

Gluten-free? Try a g-f vegan cereal like some of the ranges offered by Nature's Sunrise, Amisa etc. You'll find them on free-from shelves, health food shops etc. 

For more simple breakfast ideas watch our video here 


2 Weetabix or supermarket own-brand wheat biscuits
Plant milk, eg soya or almond
Banana and other fruit if desired, eg blueberries, mango...
1 tbsp flaxmeal - ground flax seeds, also known as linseeds*
Optional seeds or raw nuts (ie not roasted or salted)


*'Milled' means the same as 'ground'...). Whatever it's called, Aldi and most major supermarkets sell whole and ground versions. Alternatively, grind your own. Store whole and ground flax in an airtight container in the fridge to conserve their omega-3 nutrients


1. Open packet. Place Weetabix biscuits (or gf alternative) in a bowl. Add chopped banana, flax meal and any other fruit you want. Pour plant milk over the top. Eat with a spoon!

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