Vegan Ping Meals for Beginners

gluten free
wheat free
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3-7 minutes

Serves: 1

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Vegan Ping Meals for Beginners

So far there aren't huge numbers of vegan TV dinners but our crystal ball predicts that it won't be long! Writing this 'recipe' at the end of 2016, we've experienced an unprecedented year of vegan awareness - and masses of new products out in the shops. We know that a lot of you like to cook from scratch but we're all busy and sometimes it needs to be a ping meal! These convenience meals seem to be the last hurdle for supermarkets but they're getting there. We've also included lots of 'convenienc' or 'almost instant' meals elsewhere on this  website and in the 30 Day Vegan that help you put together a selection of products to create a quick meal. 

In the meantime... 

  • Amy's Vegetarian Kitchen sell a range of vegan readies which are tasty but not huge portions - so eke them out with lots of side veg and salad. You'll find some in supermarkets, some in health food shops, including Holland & Barrett. 
  • Bol Veg Pots: Thai Coconut Curry; Sri Lankan Sambar (these are more lunch sized so pad them out with extras such as vegetables, salad, marinated tofu pieces, chickpeas etc). Find them in some larger branches of various supermarkets
  • Morrisons Takeaway Aloo Gobi Saag; Morrisons Takeaway Bombay Potato. Serve with Jamie Oliver Curried Chickpeas and a ready-made rice
  • Sainsbury's MY GOODNESS! Smoky Tomato & Butternut Squash Quinoa; Catalan Bean Casserole - we particularly like the Bean Casserole. 
  • Tesco Three Bean Chilli And Rice; Tesco Smoky Pepper And Courgette Paella
  • Waitrose Vegetable Tagine Cous Cous & Quinoa - this is spicy and tasty

Asda was particularly poor for vegan-friendly meals but they do have a selection of items that could be put together for a meal - vegan burgers including Gosh and Linda McCartney; tinned veggie chilli; pre-cooked grains in packets (rice, quinoa, couscous etc); ready-to bake vegetables and more. Their Indian selection has a few items too. 
Aldi has a few things in the freezer, as does Lidl
The Co-op is good on vegan labelling, less so on offering vegan options. Again, there may be a small selection of Indian vegetarian sides and other bits and pieces on offer. 




Heat your meal according to packaging instructions. Serve with as many extras as necessary. 

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