(S)mashed Avocado on Toast

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wheat free
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3 minutes

Makes as many as you want

Serves: 1

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(S)mashed Avocado on Toast

Smashed or mashed? We offered an optional spelling, just in case you think we're gettin' all hipster on you! Whatever you call it, avocado on toast is gorgeous. It doesn't have to be expensive either - check a local greengrocer if you have one for bargain avos. Or just watch out for bargains in the supermarket. However, for convenience, the ready-to-eat variety are handy and found everywhere. 

And given that avos can be a bit hit and miss in the UK, here are two more suggestions! 

Make this dish gluten-free by using GF bread or crackers or any other carbs of your choice! 

Click here for the Viva! Breakfast Video - full of more simple, quick tasty breakfasts that just happen to be vegan... 



  • ½-1 avocado per person
  • 1-2 slices of toast per person
  • Lime or lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Optional: crushed garlic, a little - fresh or from a tube
  • Optional: watercress and edamame beans to decorate


1. Make the toast.
2. Place a half or whole avocado per each slice of toast. Slice or mash with a fork. 
3. Sprinkle with salt, lime juice or lemon, lots of black pepper plus the crushed garlic if using. 
4. Eat immediately. 


I'm often stuck for new ways to eat vegetables and fruit in sufficient quantities to meet my daily 5 portions a day target. Easy, quick and nutritious recipes like this one are excellent. No vinegraitte to make either !

Glad you like it. But no need to struggle with five a day or even ten a day on a good vegan diet! See How to be a Ten a Day Warrior - all the tips you need to increase your intake of the healthy magic of fresh veg and fruit

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