Cheeze & Pickle Sandwiches, Vegan-style

gluten free
wheat free
kid friendly
1 spoon difficulty rating

10 minutes

Serves: 2-4

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Cheeze & Pickle Sandwiches, Vegan-style

The range - and quality - of vegan cheese is growing steadily, from hard to soft in lots of different flavours - plus there are melting hard varieties too. Our current favourites here at Viva! Towers are Vegusto and Violife (the pizza variety melts well and is reasonably priced too).

Hard cheeses: Sheese, Vegusto's No-Moo, Vio-Life, V-Bites Cheezly, Tesco, Veganic...
Cream cheeses: Mozzarisella, Sheese, Tesco, Tofutti...

Availability: go to the company website for stockists or check out our stockist feature. The Vegan Cheese Co also stocks lots of varieties, more than we've listed here.

Picture courtesy of Veganoo - which also includes a great update and review of vegan cheezes!


  • 4 portions of bread or rolls - there are some delicious breads out there. Try foccacia or a granary French stick, for example. Use GF bread for GF option (but check it doesn't contain egg)
  • Vegan margarine
  • Vegan cheese, as above
  • Pickle to taste
  • Optional: tomato and cucumber, sliced thinly


1. Spread bread with vegan margarine, if desired. 

 2. Add pickle to one side, cheeze on the other - plus the tomato and cucumber if desired - and put the sandwich together. Yes, it's that easy! 

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