All recipes are deliciously vegan.

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Non-dairy Butter/Margarine

Asda Free-from Spread

Asda offer a free-from spread which is available in most of their stores and comes in at the very reasonable...Read more »

Trex Vegetable Fat/Shortening

Trex vegetable fat is really good for cooking, baking (particularly pastry) and for making butter icing. It contains non-hydrogenated fat...Read more »
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Waitrose Margarine/Spread

Waitrose offer a fortified, vegan spread made from avocado oil and vegetable fats.Read more »

Vitaquell Margarine/Spread

Vitaquell offer a high quality, organic, non-hydrogenated vegan spread.Read more »

Vitalite Margarine/Spread(s)

Vitalite offer two non-hydrogonated, widely available, vegan spreads in sunflower and coconut.Read more »
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Tiana Spreadable Coconut Oil

Tiana do a high quality, organic, cold pressed, spreadable coconut oil as an alternative to margarine. It contains omega 3,6 and 9.Read more »

Sunlite Margarine/Spread

Sunlite vegan margarine can be found in Heron Freezer shop and some other bargain shops.Read more »
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Sainsbury's Margarine/Spread

Sainsbury's have a vegan margarine/spread in their Free From range.Read more »
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Suma Margarine/Spread(s)

Suma do a range of high quality, fortified, vegan spreads in olive, sunflower, soya and organic. They also do larger...Read more »

Pure Margarine/Spread(s)

Pure offer a really good range of fortified, non-hydrogenated, vegan spreads which are widely available including sunflower, soya and olive.Read more »


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