All recipes are deliciously vegan.

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Dairy Substitutes

Nutcrafter Grated Parmavegan

The Prodigy is Nutcrafter Creamery's vegan and cruelty free version of the so-called "King of Cheeses" the Parmigiano Reggiano. It...Read more »

Nutcrafter Creamery Cashew Fauxmage

Our Fauxmage is a French double-crème style cheese. This lovely cream is buttery, rich and and noble in flavour and...Read more »

Nutcrafter Creamery Fresh Nutzarella

Nutcrafter Creamery's Nutzarella is a fresh, soft, semi-elastic textured meltable cashew cheese. This is the only product that, like its...Read more »

Nutcrafter Creamery Aged Cheeses

Nutcrafter Creamery produces a wide range of perfectly-crafted aged artisanal nut cheeses: AGED CHEDDAH AGED CHARCOAL AGED BLACK PEPPER OUT...Read more »

Nutcrafter Vhalloumi

This is the best 'halloumi' we've found and if you're feeling fancy it's definitely worth splashing out on this gem!...Read more »
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Just Wholefoods Custard Powder

Traditional custard powder with real vanilla flavour and natural colours from Just Wholefoods is a dairy free custard powder that...Read more »
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Tesco Custard Powder

Simple and perfect for the job, Tesco's custard powder is fortunately vegan and an easyaddition to any dish.Read more »

Bird's Custard Powder

Bird's® is the original custard brand, established in 1837 and loved by generations ever since. Bird's Custard is made and...Read more »

Provamel Soya Vanilla Custard

A tasty vanilla flavour custard, made with blend of water and soya beans, with calcium and vitamins. Delicious, served hot...Read more »

Oatly Vanilla Custard

An absolutely delicious oat-based vanilla flavoured alternative to custard.Read more »


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