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Butternut squash

This variety of squash has a lovely firm flesh that has to be cooked all the way through. It is excellent roasted in a little olive oil, cut into halves or smaller pieces mixed with other veg.
Season: Autumn
Nutritional benefits: Excellent source of Vitamin A, which is essential for vision, bone and teeth development, growth and tissue repair. Also good for Vitamin C.

Cooking Methods: 

It is usually the white, bulging head of the cauliflower which is eaten, whilst the leaves are often discarded. Of four major groups (Northern Europe Annuals, Northern Europe Biennal, Italian and Indian), the cauliflower is used in a variety of dishes and can be roasted, boiled, steamed, fried or eaten raw.
Season: Winter/Spring
Nutritional benefits: Good source of vitamin C and fiber.

Cooking Methods: 
How to cook and prepare courgette - Vegetarian & vegan recipes

The courgette (also known as Zucchini) is a type of summer squash that can be dark or light green in colour and is capable of growing to almost a metre but is usually cultivated at half of the length. Unlike cucumber, it is usually served cooked, though can be eaten raw. It is eaten in various countries around the world, and examples of use are in cold or hot salads, baked in bread, etc.
Season: Summer/August
Nutritional benefits: Good source of vitamin A, C and potassium.

Cooking Methods: 

Leeks are related to garlic and onions but have a much subtler, sweeter and more sophisticated flavour, often used to enrich soups or stews
Season: November-April
Nutritional benefits: Leeks are an excellent source of vitamin C as well as iron and fibre.
Quick  cook's tip: Slice leeks thinly and steam them until soft and serve with vegan marg, salt and pepper.
Cooking Leeks
Inspired by British Leeks

Cooking Methods: 
White onions

Onions are one of the most used of all vegetables, adding depth and body of flavour to many dishes. British onions are dense and brown-skinned. Outer leaves are removed to reveal white/green tightly packed rings. Family include red onions, the smaller, milder shallot, leeks, spring onions and garlic. Like all vegetables, the more colourful they are the higher in nutrients - so red onions add both extra vitamins as well as a lovely colour!
Season: Available all year

Cooking Methods: 

Did you know there are over nine varieties of potato grown in the UK? They all have different tastes and textures and blossom when used for various purposes. Small salad and new potatoes don’t need peeling. Skins from potatoes fresh out of the ground often just come off easily when rubbed under water.
Here are some of the main ones and what they are good for:
- Charlotte –boiling, roasting and for salads
- Desiree – potato wedges, jacket potatoes, chips, boiling, mashing, roasting
- King Edward – potato dauphinoise, chips, roasting, mashing


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