Cupboard basics

Soya: Saint or Sinner?

How to find bias-free, science-based information on soya, whether it be nutritional or environmental information - or just recipes.

The Big List of Vegan Food Companies

How to find all the vegan goodies you've ever wanted - check out our list of food companies and on-line stores! Each company will give you a list of local stockists while the web shops will send you products to your door. We try to update this as regularly as possible but if you discover a new range, do please contact and we'll add your suggestion - preferably a dedicated vegan company (for reasons of space).

What's That? Food Glossary of New Ingredients

Seen a recipe with a weird ingredient? Fear not - the glossary below will explain all - and in some cases, even tell you what to do with it!

Va Va Va Veganise!

Love to eat more healthily but can’t quite find the time? The hectic modern lifestyle needn’t mean suffering on the health stakes. Did you know that cutting out meat and dairy could cut your chances of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and could even add years to your life expectancy? Our handy guide shows you how…

Eating Well on a Budget

How to make delicious, healthy meals without spending lots of money.

Cupboard Basics

With a small but varied stash of condiments, dried goods (eg pasta, cereals and grains) tins and jars to mix with your fresh ingredients, the sky’s the limit! ‘What’s for dinner?’ becomes an adventure, not just ‘the same old’!

Savvy Shopping

Save the world with your knife and fork! Here at Viva! Health we’re great fans of small, local and independent shops/food producers. However, we are also realists. Many people rely on supermarkets because of cheapness and convenience. The larger branches of supermarkets often stock a range of foreign and specialist foods – ‘Free From’ ranges, organic, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and so on – which is pretty awesome.

Kitchen Equipment

You don’t need loads of expensive equipment to cook well, but the following will make life easier. Second-hand sources such as car boot and jumble sales; charity shops, Trade-It and E-bay often have fantastic bargains, not to mention budget outlets like Wilco, Asda and IKEA. We've suggested a few handy tools that might be useful as your culinary ambitions and skills grow, from the most basic kit to a bit more sophisticated!