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Marks & Spencer Oat Milk

In their new range of chilled free-from products, M&S now offer a tasty oat milk!
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Oatly Vanilla Custard

An absolutely delicious oat-based vanilla flavoured alternative to custard.
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Oatly Cream

The well-loved people at Oatly have done it once again with their Creamy oat and Organic Creamy oat alternatives to dairy cream.
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Soria Organic Oat Drink

These drinks are 100% organic, healthy, refreshing and nutritious. As well as original, this oat milk is also available in cocoa flavour and original with added calcium.

Natumi Oat Milk

Natumi oat drink is a milk alternative made from organic oats and is available in original as well as chocolate flavour.
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Allos Organic Oat Drink

Allos Organic Oat is a vegan drink, which is naturally lactose free and contains no added sugars. It's suitable for baking or cooking and tastes delicious in coffee, muesli or...
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Valsoia Oat Drink

Valsoia oat milk is an excellent alternative to cow's milk because they are naturally low fat, high in fiber and free from lactose with added calcium and vitamins.

Ecomil Powdered Oat Milk

Either as a drink or in cooking, Ecomil's Organic Oat Drink is a great milk alternative made from delicious Spanish-grown oat and is also free from gluten.
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Ancient Grains Oat Dream

Made from oat, spelt and buckwheat, the ingredients are called "ancient grains" as they are said to be largely unchanged from the grains grown in Neolithic times. This long life...

Rude Health Oat Milk

Rude Health's oat drink is made with whole grains and soluble fibre. The satisfying oaty flavour is subtly balanced with pure mountain spring water and a touch of cold-pressed sunflower...
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