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Added vitamins/minerals

Sainsbury's Almond Milk(s)

Sainsbury's offer two fortified, almond milk drinks in sweetened and unsweetened.
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Waitrose Margarine/Spread

Waitrose offer a fortified, vegan spread made from avocado oil and vegetable fats.

Suma Margarine/Spread(s)

Suma do a range of high quality, fortified, vegan spreads in olive, sunflower, soya and organic. They also do larger wholesale tubs.

Pure Margarine/Spread(s)

Pure offer a really good range of fortified, non-hydrogenated, vegan spreads which are widely available including sunflower, soya and olive.

Koko Margarine/Spread

Koko offer a vegetable/coconut fat spread which is also fortified.

Benecol Yoghurt Drink

Most of the Benecol range is not vegan so make sure you check the label. There is a dairy free version which comes in tropical fruit and soya.
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Asda Yoghurt(s)

Asda do a range of fortified yoghurts, with no added sugar, including plain soya, plain soya yoghurt with almond, soya yoghurt with coconut. There are also some mini pots including...

Living Harvest Hemp Milk

Living Harvest Hemp Milk is made from cold mill whole hemp seeds and is available in original, unsweetened original, vanilla, unsweetened vanilla, chocolate and unsweetened coconut. All flavours are fortified...

Good Hemp Milk

Good Hemp Milk is a nutritious alternative to dairy and soya milk. Made from the natural goodness of hemp seed it can be used on cereals, in tea, coffee, shakes,...

Soria Organic Oat Drink

These drinks are 100% organic, healthy, refreshing and nutritious. As well as original, this oat milk is also available in cocoa flavour and original with added calcium.


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