All recipes are deliciously vegan.

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Juices & smoothies

Anneka Svenska's Juicing Section

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Super-fast Healthy Ice Cream
This is the fastest, easiest, and most nutritious ice cream you can make. What’s more, not only does it taste...See recipe »
Chocolate Protein Chia Pudding
Here's a lovely recipe from chef Day Radley's website. Eat this for breakfast, dessert or as a quick pick-up...See recipe »
Anneka's Strawberry Daiquiri
Gorgeous and calculated to make you very giggly, as will the video of Anneka and Wendy Turner-Webster showing you how...See recipe »
Anneka's Fitness Juice
This will help you to feel fighting fit! Scroll down to the end to see the video of Anneka making...See recipe »
Anneka's Pink Passion & Strawberry Love Smoothie
Gorrrrrgggggeous! And so easy. But scroll down to the end to see the lovely wee video our Anneka made of...See recipe »
Anneka's Little Green Pineapple Smoothie
Anneka says: 'Now you can drink a green pineapple! This recipe is so cool as well as being easy and...See recipe »
Anneka's Festive Cinnamon Smoothie
Anneka says: 'This is a tasty festive treat to provide a healthy alternative to eggnog, providing all the smells and...See recipe »
Anneka's Little Green Angel Cold & Flu Super Juice
Anneka says: 'It’s January, so cold and flu are lurking in the wings! However, plant-based remedies are good for boosting...See recipe »
Anneka's 'For the Love of Lenny' Apple, Strawberry, Coconut, Lime & Rose Petal Smoothie
Anneka says: 'This is probably one of the tastiest smoothies I have ever made and is inspired by an amazing...See recipe »
Anneka's Sunshine Surprise Smoothie
Anneka says 'This wonderful smoothie looks like it's all oranges and sunshine, but the little ‘surprise’ is the inclusion of...See recipe »


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