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All recipes are deliciously vegan.


145 simple and simply delightful vegan recipes

Vegan Recipes & Cookbook Tour

Viva!'s very own vegan kitchenista talks her favourite recipes and gives a mouth-watering tour of the Viva! Cookbook

It was hard to select my favourite recipes. Why? Well, the entire book is a picture of what I’ve cooked and eaten regularly at home and for family and friends and Viva! events for the past decade! This book is my basic diet, along with tons of fresh veg, fruit and salad (and recently supplemented with very healthy green super smoothies most mornings)

Pancakes - I so enjoy making and eating them. It must be something about the transformation of such simple ingredients into something tasty and comforting, whether for breakfast or a savoury meal

Spicy Seitan Sausage – its deep flavours and chewy texture work very well in sandwiches or added to big hearty stews. I make big batches regularly and freeze the surplus

Chilled Avocado Soup – because it’s fresh, quick and hits the spot every time and its beautiful green colour is also a feast for the eyes
Cauliflower & Flageolet Bean Antipasto – this chilled, marinated salad is so good with its mixture of cooked and raw ingredients

Scrambled Tofu – healthy comfort food at its best.  It makes a lovely quick brunch or light supper or part of a cooked breakfast

Coconut Parsnips with Red Beans, Lime & Ginger – I was never a big fan of parsnips unless they were roasted. This recipe changed all that

Chestnut Pâté en Crôute – it looks posh, is easy to make and tastes lush. A firm favourite with family and friends and a regular Christmas favourite

Quick Aubergine & Tomato Curry – another regular favourite that’s even better with chickpeas.  It is tangy, quick and good

Tropical Rice Salad with Sesame Orange Dressing – simple, colourful ingredients enhanced by a superb dressing – I make this all the time and my friends love it

Luxury Two-mushroom sauce – if like me, you love mushrooms, this is the business. It freezes well too and can be used as a sauce or soup or enhanced with a dollop of home-made cashew cream or bought vegan cream

Viva!’s Very Moorish Moroccan Stew – Viva! and I must have fed this to thousands of people. It was an original of Helen Wilson’s  (a Viva! colleague and the food photographer for the Cookbook), who invented it for one of the Viva! Incredible Vegan Roadshows. It is now one of our most popular dishes – a hearty, richly flavoured dish that is spicy but mellow so works for everyone. We love adding aubergine, peppers and/or sweet potato to it but it works with so many vegetables!

Individual Hot Citrus Puddings – these are cheap as chips to make. The recipe is slightly faffy but if you follow the recipe instructions exactly it’s not at all difficult and the intensely tangy yet sweet sponge and syrup is heaven

Tiramisu – this used to be one of my favourite desserts before I went vegan so I was utterly delighted to find the recipe (which I then messed around with a bit, as you do!) It is also pretty budget so hits several spots and it’s been a big hit at cookery demos up and down the UK

Cookbook sections

Useful info Pages 3-29
With love from me to you! It’s all the stuff I wish I’d known years ago and it’s a distillation of what I’ve learned on the vegan journey as well as an aid to help you find your way around the book – written for everyone but in particular, new cooks or those new to vegan cooking


Intelligent indexes, 287-307

Another labour of love that was designed to help you get the most out of the book.

  1. Index by ingredient, to help you use up what you already have in the fridge, freezer and cupboard.
  2. Index by theme to fit your particular needs: budget; fast meals; cooking for one; gluten and wheat-free dishes; child-friendly; freezable and low-fat/diabetic friendly! (and the themes are repeated in the little code bits at the top of each recipe)


Vegan basics 31-45
What it says on the tin: dairy alternatives, egg-free pancakes and seitan (a delicious natural meat alternative)


Souperb 47-71
Fourteen delicious recipes that should cover every taste, eventuality and season!


A bit on the side 73-127
Snacks, salads, light meals, creative ways with vegetables, dips and such – lots of nice ways with lots of lovely food, basically. Some of these can be padded out into bigger meals too


Lunch out 129-136
Lunch is one of the meals that some people worry about. So here’s our short introduction to how easy it is to prepare lovely home-made lunches or buy them


Back to the sauce 137-160
Twenty-one recipes to enhance just about any meal – from rich gravies to cheesy alternatives to no-cook sauces


The main event 161-233

Quick and easy mid-week suppers, slow and rich stews and casseroles, pies, fresh and vibrant ways with pasta, pulses, wholegrains, tofu and vegetables… this section has plenty to keep everyone happy

Sweet thing 235-285

It starts with our Baking tips then launches into a world of sumptuous treats, from a fast ice cream sundae to cakes, muffins, biscuits, cheesecakes, old school puddings… it’s got the lot. Forget the worthy stereotypes