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All recipes are deliciously vegan.


145 simple and simply delightful vegan recipes

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Your kitchen will thank you! 

Each recipe from savoury 'cheezy' sauces to captivating centrepieces (ahem Big Puff Pie) aims to please - not only a guaranteed triumph for your tastebuds - the Viva! Cookbook brings kindess into your kitchen!

When you support Viva! by purchasing merchandise, you are helping to fund our life-saving campaigns to put an end to factory farming. Here are some of the successes your donations have helped achieve.

“The Viva! Cookbook contains so much information that it has to be a go-to source for anyone who wants to cook delicious animal-free food, whether they are vegan or not.”

Jasmine Harman, TV presenter (A Place in the Sun – Home or Away)

"I gave my copy to my daughter because the recipes were great for her daughter who is allergic to all animal milk. When I told Carrie that I was going to see Marie and Rose at the slash and burn weekend it reminded her to ask me to pass on the message that she has found it incredibly useful and refers to it almost every week. Given that her husband and son are dedicated carnivores - veg are just for garnish! - and 'hate Tofu' that was quite a surprise but a very welcome one."

Sue Laverack

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