Pia Werzinger
Post published at June 30, 2022

World’s First 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon Fillet To Go On Sale in 2023

Revo 3D Salmon

Austrian food manufacturer Revo Foods recently premiered the world’s first 3D printed vegan salmon fillet at “Have a Taste of the Future” event in Vienna.

Renowned Austrian Michellin Chef Siegfried Kröpf prepared a three-course meal using Revo’s popular smoked salmon slices and its upcoming fish spreads. But the main focus was on the “gamechanger” salmon fillet. Chef Kröpf prepared a dish that paired the fried plant-based fillet with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and sauce hollandaise.

salmon fillet vegan


Revo Food’s new salmon fillet aparently perfectly mimics the taste and texture of conventional salmon. Based on pea proteins and algae extracts, it is rich in proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, it has been developed with the help of 3D food printing technology and is promoted to behave ‘just like the real thing’ when steamed or fried.

Two patents for Revo Food’s new technologies have now been applied for, and the new product is set to be available in stores starting in early 2023.


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