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All recipes are deliciously vegan.

Vegan Slimming & Vegan Health

Vegetarian Slimming & Vegetarian Health

You don’t need to sacrifice to eat well and healthily. Remember, a well-balanced vegan or veggie diet is much better for you than a meaty one. These recipes are even healthier, but without missing out on flavour! The meals will help you keep an eye on your heart and blood pressure. As well as being low in fat and sugar, they will also help you lose a few unwanted pounds.

For more info on health, see Your Health in Your Hands and Nutrition in a Nutshell

  • There other ways you can make existing recipes low in fat – for example, instead of sautéing onions in oil, poach them in a little stock.
  • Salads don’t have to be a few boring lettuce leaves! Experiment with ingredients such as rocket, artichoke hearts and green beans or mange tout (lightly steamed and cooled).
  • Try making your own low-fat salad dressings.
  • Fill up with as many vegetables as you can - get creative with smoothies, salads, stews, curries - and flavourings. Their fibre will keep you full, their goodness keep you healthy! Just keep dressings and sauces healthy and low-fat.
  • If you’ve been used to eating lots of salt in ready meals and takeaways, gradually reduce the amount with which you cook and season your food.  You’ll find that your taste buds adjust accordingly so you don’t need as much. Go easy on yeast extract (or buy a low-salt variety), soya sauce and miso, as these also contain salt.
  • If you get sugar cravings, eat healthy snacks of dried or fresh fruit instead. They’ll keep you going longer and won’t make you feel tired after the quick fix of refined sugar. Or choose something savoury, like rice cakes and a dip.