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Post published at October 16, 2023

Vegan Chef Ed Tatton Releases New Plant-Based Baking Book

BReD Baking Book

Vegan chef and artisan bread-maker Ed Tatton shares his techniques and 100 recipes for making naturally leavened sourdough loaves, small breads, and earth-friendly small baked goods in his new book ‘BReD‘.

Sourdough bread is naturally vegan — flour, water, and salt transformed into extraordinary, delicious bread. Ed Tatton, British vegan chef, artisan bread-maker, with his partner Natasha Tatton, has been baking and refining his recipes and techniques for naturally leavened sourdough for many years — including a wide array of boules, baguettes, loaves, flatbreads, buns, and pizza.

He uses plant-based alternatives in some savoury and sweet sourdoughs that would traditionally include dairy including panettone buns, hot cross buns, sticky buns, cinnamon buns, English muffins, brioche, and babka.

From starter to baked goods

Inside BReD, you’ll find these perfected recipes to start your journey in bread-making; along with a detailed sourdough starter guide with step-by-step visuals on making and maintaining a sourdough starter, levain, mixing, shaping, and baking methods.

BReD – a complete plant-based book for bakers

Experienced bakers and novices alike can take their baking to the next level with gorgeous vegan baked goods from cakes, muffins, and scones to biscuits, cookies, and tarts. Passionate about a vegan lifestyle for the benefit of all people and the planet, the book also includes gluten-free recipes (bread and other baked goods), discard starter recipes to further zero-waste efforts, and an offering of dips, spreads, and accompaniments to complement the breads.

About the authors

Ed Tatton is a professional chef who has been to culinary college and worked in high-end kitchens in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. He now specialises in making organic naturally leavened sourdough, baking bread, pizza dough, and other small baked goods. These days, Ed’s food is compassionately 100% plant-based, a movement he is passionately excited to be part of and help grow for the benefit of people, the planet, and animals.

Natasha Tatton is an English teacher turned bakery manager, animal rights advocate, and co-author of BReD. Natasha has taught English all over the world and ventured into various food and beverage  roles, mainly in bakeries, nurturing her desire to provide more compassionate food choices for people.

Ed-Tatton Natasha-Tatton


BReD by Ed and Natasha Tatton will be available from 7th November at Waterstones for an RRP of £33.99.

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