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Post published at September 4, 2023

OGGS® Releasing New Mega Caramel & Vanilla Cupcakes

OGGS Mega Caramel & Vanilla Cupcakes

The UK’s #1 branded plant-based bakery brand, OGGS®, are asking shoppers to consider the ethics of the cake they buy as they launch their brand-new cruelty-free OGGS® Mega Caramel & Vanilla Cupcakes.

The new cupcakes from OGGS® are now available in a pack of nine large vanilla sponges with caramel and vanilla frosting. The cakes are made using OGGS® Aquafaba plant-based egg alternative instead of eggs, creating cakes that are kinder to chickens and the planet.

Shoppers would choose kinder cakes

The launch comes alongside new research commissioned by OGGS®, looking into the ethics of UK cakes with an emphasis on the conditions of egg-laying hens.

While most shoppers said that they make ethical decisions about the eggs they purchase, with 92% buying free-range eggs when possible, those same decisions don’t currently apply to cakes that use eggs as an ingredient.

According to a report by the British Hen Welfare Trust, the biggest UK cake producers including Mr Kipling, Cadbury’s and McVities use mostly barn and cage eggs in their bakes.

67% of those asked said that they weren’t aware that most cakes sold in UK supermarkets use eggs from barn- or caged chickens, as opposed to free-range eggs (or no eggs at all). A massive 89% said that knowing this, they would be more likely to buy from a cake brand that doesn’t use eggs from barns or caged chickens.

A kinder and more sustainable choice

OGGS® range of cruelty-free cakes are made without eggs at all, instead using OGGS® Aquafaba – a plant-based egg alternative with 72% less CO2e than eggs. Additionally, OGGS® products are some of the only cakes on the shelf to be packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic trays – further reducing the impact of our favourite treats on the planet. Founded in 2019, to-date purchases of OGGS® products have reduced the need for over 6 million eggs and saved over 2,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Hannah Carter, Founder and CEO at OGGS® says: “We all like to think that we make the most responsible choices, but this new research shows that this thinking doesn’t apply to cake. By choosing a cruelty-free cake, we can still enjoy all our favourite treats without compromise. Our new Mega Cupcakes give shoppers a delicious opportunity to celebrate and share while making a positive impact on animals and the planet.”

Nikhil Kapila-O’Shea, Assistant Buyer for Cake at Tesco says: “We’re so excited to launch the first plant-based celebration cupcakes with OGGS®. Providing an ethical, inclusive bakery option for special occasions means we can treat our customers and our planet in a mega way!”


The new cakes are available in Tesco and Ocado from 4th September 2023 for an RRP of £9.

About OGGS®

Founded in 2019 by British entrepreneur Hannah Carter, OGGS® is on a mission to remove the unnecessary and unethical egg products within our food chain. OGGS® became a B Corp in autumn 2022 – recognised as a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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