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Post published at September 14, 2023

Oato: The Fresh Barista Oat Drink At Your Doorstep

oato fresh oat milk

Oato is a British oat milk manufacturer committed to a sustainable future. That’s why they decided to make use of existing traditional delivery businesses within the milk round industry to distribute their vegan oat milk products.

A sustainable choice

Originating in North-West Lancashire, Oato produces all plant-based milk in-house from raw British oats and offers it to customers in environmentally friendly glass bottles. These bottles are part of a clean and reuse scheme available through local milkman deliveries.

Oato also prides itself in creating only 10% of the CO2 output of cow’s milk and powering its production plant via solar. Furthermore, the low-impact crops are sourced from Britain and offer a significant alternative to reduce the environmental impact of oat drinks imported from Europe.

Oato Oat Milk Barista Whole

Tasty, fresh goodness made from oats

Sustainability certainly takes the forefront when it comes to the core idea of Oato, but with only a handful of key ingredients, added vitamins such as vegan-friendly d3 and b12, and the absence of nuts, soya and lactose, the barista-grade milk alternatives also pack a healthy punch.

Currently offering Barista Whole and Chocolate Oat Drink varieties, Oato is naturally sweetened by oats and comes without added sugar, unlike many of its long-life counterparts.

Oato Chocolate Oat Milk

Learn more about ordering and receiving Oato milk alternatives directly to your doorstep by visiting oato.co.uk.

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