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All recipes are deliciously vegan.

Know-how: kitchen skills, shopping tips, cooking techniques etc

Vegetable Preparation Skills - Chopping

For the newer or less confident cooks amongst you, we hope this section will provide some useful tips.

Conversion Chart and Handy Hints

Some of us are used to converting imperial to metric (or the other way round!), some of us aren’t. However, having an understanding of each is useful because many of us still think imperial but most of what we buy is metric! It’s not so difficult – follow a couple of simple...

Soya: Saint or Sinner?

Bias-free, science-based information on soya, nutritional and environmental information

The Big List of Vegan Food Companies

How to find all the vegan goodies you've ever wanted - check out our list of food companies and on-line stores! Each company will give you a list of local stockists while the web shops will send you products to your door. We try to update this as regularly as possible but if you discover a new...

What's That? Food Glossary of New Ingredients

Seen a recipe with a weird ingredient? Fear not - the glossary below will explain all - and in some cases, even tell you what to do with it!

Cupboard Basics

With a small but varied stash of condiments, dried goods (eg pasta, cereals and grains) tins and jars to mix with your fresh ingredients, the sky’s the limit! ‘What’s for dinner?’ becomes an adventure, not just ‘the same old’!

You want me to do what? - cookery jargon explained

A handy glossary of commonly used cookery terms, useful for anyone – from absolute beginners to those with a bit of cookery experience!

Savvy Shopping

Save the world with your knife and fork! Here at Viva! Health we’re great fans of small, local and independent shops/food producers. However, we are also realists. Many people rely on supermarkets because of cheapness and convenience. The larger branches of supermarkets often stock a range of...


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