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All recipes are deliciously vegan.

Booze - is it vegan?

Booze - is it vegan?

Why wouldn't booze NOT be vegan? It's not so much what it is made from - eg fruit, hops etc are all vegan after all - but what might be used to 'fine' it - ie to clarify it and stop it looking cloudy. Vegan finings are usually made from a mineral called bentonite. Animal derived finings range from isinglass (fish bladders) to eggs or cow's milk. If you're not sure why vegans avoid eggs and milk, check 


Beer - bottled beer is often vegan while cask beer varies a lot. 
Cider - much cider is vegan but not all and again, this will vary between bottled and cask.
Wine - again, this varies a lot. But many wines ARE vegan and manufacturers and retailers are getting much better at promoting their vegan ranges. 

Every supermarket sells a vegan range now and they've all got better at helping you find products too!
The Co-op, M&S and Sainsbury's label their own-brand vegan ranges pretty well. Tesco's vegan list is here 
Asda and Morrison: just put 'vegan wine' in the search box on their websites. Or ask a member of staff to look for you if you're in-store. 
Oxford Landing - all their wines are vegan. 


For all things alcoholic, Barnivore site is the motherlode!


Booze - is it vegan?                           Booze - is it vegan?               Booze - is it vegan?     Booze - is it vegan?