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We have compiled some amazing articles and useful tips to guide you through all aspects of the vegan lifestyle at home and abroad. Take a look at the Eating out at home & abroad section for some great advice on the best places to eat out in the UK and while travelling. If you want to find out more about the fantastic health benefits of the diet, have a look at the Health Nutrition & slimming category. Finally, if you just want some general tips on cooking and the best places to shop, check out the Know-how (kitchen skills, shopping tips, cooking techniques etc) section, and you are sure to become an expert!

Our Daily Bread plus a simple bread recipe

Good quality wholemeal bread is a great source of protein, fibre and other nutritional goodies.See article »

Super Sprouting

Sprouted beans and seeds have long since lost their hippy image and are back with a cool new twist. It’s ...See article »

Wholegrains and how to cook them

Cooked well, wholegrains are delicious, nutritious and an important source of protein and natural fibre. Here are some pointers to ...See article »

Vegetables & Fruit - How to be a Ten a Day Warrior

It's official - vegetables and fruit are the backbone of a good diet. It's not just five a day. In ...See article »

Go Nuts! Nuts and Nut Butters

A great source of protein, fibre, essential fats, vitamins and minerals, nuts are the original super-food!See article »

Conversion Chart and Handy Hints

Some of us are used to converting imperial to metric (or the other way round!), some of us aren’t. However, ...See article »

Vegetable Preparation Skills - Chopping

For the newer or less confident cooks amongst you, we hope this section will provide some useful tips.See article »

Water: Are you getting enough?

The body can cope without food for many days. But after just two or three days without water, serious – ...See article »

Body Mass Index

The BMI (body mass index) can give some indication of whether you are a healthy weight. Put in your weight ...See article »

Health & Fitness

Everyone should try to keep their weight less than half their height. Try out top tips for getting more goodies ...See article »


1 portion is... F ortified soya milk, 1½ glasses/300 ml Reduced salt yeast extract, enough for one slice of toast/4gSee article »

Fitness Fanatic Fantastic

Anthony Aurelius was nicknamed ‘The Helicopter’ for winning martial arts tournaments with jumping spinning kicks.Now the number one UK fitness ...See article »

Defeating Disease - Constipation

Constipation is most common in children and the elderly, and affects women more than men. One in 200 women has ...See article »

VEGAN and vegetarian diets are fantastic for your health – according to experts at the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF). ...See article »


Constipation is when you go to the loo less often or you strain when you do go –caused by stools ...See article »

Safeguarding Children’s Health

If your little ones started smoking, you’d be horrified. But what most of them eat is just as damaging to ...See article »

Defeating Disease - Coronary Heart Disease

Almost 2.6 million people in the UK suffer from heart disease. It is the UK’s biggest killer, responsible for over ...See article »

Defeating Disease - High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is an indicator of general health. A rise in blood pressure means your heart is overworking which can ...See article »

Defeating Disease - Overweight and obesity

The UK has one of the worst rates of obesity in Europe. In England almost two-thirds of the population is ...See article »


Lose pounds, save pounds, never feel hungry and reduce your risk of killer diseases – that’s the message behind a ...See article »

Vegetarian Slimming & Vegetarian Health

You don’t need to sacrifice to eat well and healthily. Remember, a well-balanced veggie diet is much better for you ...See article »

White Meat Black Mark

White meat – from chicken, ducks, turkey and geese – has become the most popular meat in the West. The ...See article »

Vegan Vitamins and Other Good Things

Your essential guide to all the vitamins and nutrients you need - and where to find them!See article »

Boning up on Calcium

Dr Justine Butler demolishes the enduring myth that you need cow’s milk for healthy bones!See article »

Diabetes: fighting it with a knife and fork

Viva!Health has recently launched a groundbreaking campaign – The Big-D – aimed at everyone at risk of or suffering from ...See article »

Fish Frenzy - Balancing the Scales about Omegas

Dr Justine Butler explains why fish oils are not the best choice - and where to get alternative sources of ...See article »

The Fast Diet: 5:2 Intermittent Fasting - vegan style!

5:2 means that you have two low-calorie days per week and five days of eating normally.See article »

Calcium Checklist

Calcium from plant foods is better absorbed than from animal foods such as dairy. Just think - over 70 per ...See article »

You don’t need loads of expensive equipment to cook well, but the following will make life easier. Second-hand sources such ...See article »

Savvy Shopping

Save the world with your knife and fork! Here at Viva! Health we’re great fans of small, local and independent ...See article »

Cupboard Basics

With a small but varied stash of condiments, dried goods (eg pasta, cereals and grains) tins and jars to mix ...See article »

Easy Vegan - hassle-free ways to make the switch

Love to eat more healthily but can’t quite find the time? The hectic modern lifestyle needn’t mean suffering on the ...See article »

You want me to do what? - cookery jargon explained

A handy glossary of commonly used cookery terms, useful for anyone – from absolute beginners to those with a bit ...See article »

What's That? Food Glossary of New Ingredients

Seen a recipe with a weird ingredient? Fear not - the glossary below will explain all - and in some ...See article »

The Big List of Vegan Food Companies

How to find all the vegan goodies you've ever wanted - check out our list of food companies and on-line ...See article »

Soya: Saint or Sinner?

Bias-free, science-based information on soya, nutritional and environmental informationSee article »