Hash Brown Breakfast

gluten free
wheat free
1 spoon difficulty rating

12-15 minutes

Easily adapted to multiple servings

Serves: 1-4

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 Hash Brown Breakfast

McCain's hash browns happen to be another 'accidentally vegan' product that work well on their own but even better as an accompaniment. So, add them to our big vegan cooked breakfast or keep it quick and simple with just one addition. Try fried mushrooms or grilled tomatoes - or baked beans. You choose! 




Original main photo from the lovely Reddit, with thanks 


As many hash browns per person as you wish - this will depend on what else they're being served with

Vegan sausages
Baked beans
Vegan rashers, bought or home-made seitan rashers or tempeh bacon 
Fried mushrooms
Tomatoes, grilled or fried
Scrambled Tofu

... or anything else you fancy!


1. Preheat the oven to the temperature on the packet. 
2. Place the hash browns on a baking tray. 
3. Prepare anything else to go with the breakfast. 
4. Bake the hash browns. 
5. Serve everything hot. Eat immediately. 

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